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Welcome to the Barrentine Group where we excel in Probate, Trust and Conservatorship.

Here you will find great information to help in the decision making process. If we don’t cover your question below simply contact us. We’re here to help. 

The probate (we’ll use this term as a catch all)  process most often follows the tenets of a traditional real estate transaction with a legal overlay, and there are differences here, of either a trust, probate or conservatorship. Our years of experience benefit our clients as we guide them through a complex process while avoiding many pitfalls a less experienced agent may encounter. 

At the Barrentine Group, we have been involved in the settlement process of many cases as well as having acted as Executors of estates ourselves. We get it and understand the pressures of the process for Attorneys as well as Fiduciaries, Executors, Administrators and Conservators. The responsibilities are significant and with our professional service and project management skills it can be streamlined. We meet each client wherever they are in the process simplifying the complex by removing legalese from the conversation and creating a level of trust through frequent communication and transparency. 

The probate process begins with the client assembling a team of professional advisors. If you have an attorney advisor we welcome the relationship. If not, we are more than happy to make introductions to a qualified attorney as well as many others who may be helpful in the process. The thing that separates us from the average real estate agent is our resourcefulness. When you choose us you are choosing quality representation that comes with a host of service providers, such as independent fiduciaries, professional organizers, movers, specialized inspectors and repair vendors of all kinds, that can make your role in settling an estate easier than you may have anticipated. 

We are clear about our value and our clients and references say it best:


The Barrentine Group is known for effective marketing that achieves exceptional results. Our sales price to list price ratio is almost 5% higher than the average agent which tells us we're doing something right. Our clients offset the cost of their sale by choosing to work with us where they earn more while doing less under our guidance. In both our traditional and probate sales businesses, we market property until the risk of fallout is removed as it is incumbent upon us to protect our clients from those seeking to gain a competitive advantage. We take our fiduciary responsibility very seriously.

Education is the foundation of our practice and we extend that to our client base. A well informed client is the best client and we take the extra time to make sure each decision maker has the information necessary to take the next important step toward the goal of settlement. This approach brings our clients more comfort and peace of mind as the probate is processed. We begin with a consultation and have many charts and aids to help navigate the timeline. We are well versed in the paperwork heavy transaction and can clearly explain the why behind the how. Your questions are valued and we tailor all necessary communication to your needs and channels. 

This writing should give you a feel for who we are and how we work. We are solid caring agents and trusted advisors. Our staff is second to none providing the support and resources needed to achieve your goals.  We invite you to explore our website to further explore the quality of work we do on our client’s behalf. Thank you for reading.

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